Since its foundation, GST GmbH german sensor technology has been conscious of its particular responsibility for the environment. We work continuously to reduce adverse effects on the environment, and in doing so achieve an important contribution to the conservation of our means of existence. Environmentally conscious thinking, eco-friendly operations, and sustainable economic activity are essential components of our company philosophy. We continually strive to conserve natural resources and to push for environmentally friendly technologies. Within the scope of sustainability principles, we would like to align ecological and economical goals.

There have already been numerous measures taken with regard to an environmentally responsible business management:

  • Closed cooling system with pure water circulation
  • With the help of a heat recovery system, the waste heat of the machines is used to heat all spaces. There is no heating system in a classical sense using finite resources

Beyond that, we illustrate our sustainable engagement with respect to continued energy savings and the systematic reduction of CO2 emissions through our Climate Protection Certification. Since the beginning of 2010, we already used electricity only from renewable energies. There is no electricity being used from nuclear, coal, gas, or fuel power plants. In doing so, our company avoids several hundred tons of added CO2 emissions annually.

An environmental management system pursuant ISO 14001 is implemented and is continuously developed further.