Brake Pad Sensors

Everyone calls them something else - everyone means the same thing. Brake pad sensors are also known as warning switches, brake wear indicators or brake wear sensors.

Brake pad sensors are mounted in a variety of ways on brake pads. They are either glued in or clipped in. Within the range of the after sale market, sensors are implemented solely through clip-in insertion. Brake pad sensors undergo the same wear as the brake pad in which they are built into. If the brake pad has been worn down to the wear limit, an optical signal will inform the driver.

Newer versions of brake pad sensors possess a multi-level measuring system, with the help of which more exact information concerning the remaining service life of the brake pads can be communicated to the driver.

GST currently produces well over 300 different brake pad sensors for both the aftermarket and OES sector. In this area, new parts are constantly being developed and manufactured. Our own tool design and construction shop and a strong development team guarantee a quick product development. Time to market is more than just a promise for us.