Cable Processing

Our manufacturing processes include the fully automated processing of a wide variety of cable types and electromechanical components.

Treatment of single stranded and solid wires
Semi and fully automated treatment of single stranded wires and solid wires in a wide variety of types with regard to insulation materials with a width between 0.2mm² to 16mm².

Treatment of light plastic-sheathed cables
Treatment of a variety of multicore light plastic-sheathed cables with regard to the sheath material, including fully automated treatment of inner conductors ranging between 0.05mm² to 16mm².

Crimp Connections
All crimp connections are made on fully automatic and semi-automatic machines with crimp force monitoring (CFA). The implemented production equipment ensures the highest productivity by way of high-speed processing and reduced retooling times. The supervision of the crimping process is safeguarded by the micrographs from our in-house micrograph laboratory, and it is documented and accordingly protocoled in accordance with automobile industry standards.

Splice Connections
For the connection of stranded conductors with component connectors, we use splicing technology, amongst others, as a special form of crimping technology. In compliance with all quality criteria, including those relevant for crimping technology, our semi-automatic splicing machines can create flexible connections in a quick and uncomplicated manner.

Solder Connections
We make solder connections on stranded or solid wires through the use of specially developed soldering modules on fully automated cable processing machines.

Welded Connections
For the connection of electronic and electromechanical components with conductors and circuit protection devices, micro resistance spot welding and arc welding techniques are utilized.

For all further required stages of production in the manufacturing process, we utilize thermal shrinking and adhesive techniques.