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Dear Customers of GST GmbH,

we are pleased to announce that we have been certified as a climate-neutral company since 2020. We have managed to offset the company's already low CO2 emissions from 2020 by purchasing certificates for the 'VCS reforestation Uruguay' project. There, forests are being reforested on former pastures in order to store CO2 in the long term and to counteract climate change in the long term.

Best regards
Frank Stark, Managing Director of GST GmbH


Welcome to GST GmbH german sensor technology

GST GmbH german sensor technology is your competent partner for innovative products and solutions in the area of automobile sensor technology.

Our highly qualified and dedicated employees are the foundation for our success amongst international competitors. We ensure maximum customer benefit at two european production sites.

The Customer at the Forefront

Performance and quality are concentrated entirely on our customers. In order to fulfill constantly changing market interests without delay, we incorporate our customers into the process already at the product development stage. Our customers can rely on the fulfillment of the service they requested. This high standard manifests itself in minimal delivery times and adherence thereto.


Accepting challenges, seizing opportunities and further expanding success. At the time the company was founded, this was more than just a motto, it was, and still is, a company culture that is still alive today. We build on our technologies, our qualified employees and our attractive range of services.

We will consistently continue on our path to success. The focus of our thinking is to find excellent solutions in the field of vehicle electronics and vehicle sensors and to bring them closer to our customers.

Manufacturing Focus

Our focus lies in the field of automotive electronics and includes:

A further area of expertise is the production of customized sensors for diverse industrial sectors. This includes for example sensors for speed measurement in both the fields of energy technology and engineering.