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Expertise in plastic injection molding, cable processing and connection technology.

Our highly flexible and easily scalable manufacturing processes make us a valued partner for small and medium-sized series – for original equipment, aftersales or aftermarket.

With our three production sites and modular manufacturing concepts, we offer security in uncertain times. For us, risks mean opportunities. For every process, for every machine and for every tool, there is always a fallback solution. Trouble-free mobility is also our top priority here.

Our manufacturing competencies:
Plastic injection molding (seal injection, high-temperature plastics), cable processing, joining technologies, electronics processing, assembly and testing.



Small & medium large series

From one to one million – scalability is our trump card.

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High quality standard through a unique training program. Best cost, secure supply and always close to the customer.

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100% delivery performance

100% passion – our products always in the right place at the right time.

Produktion: Kunststoffspritzguss

Plastic Injection Molding.

In the area of plastics processing, we rely on superior, fully hydraulic injection molding machines with controlled output from a premium German machine manufacturer. The entire machine park, which is constantly being renewed, is connected to the digital world at all locations. Our production control system offers maximum transparency and efficiency.

With our more than 700 molds, developed and manufactured exclusively in-house, we use high-performance plastics to injection mold high-performance components such as grommets, connectors, sensor heads and much more.

Highly flexible molding concepts allow us to achieve short mold change times for the flexibility needed to ensure our exceptional delivery performance.


Produktion: Kabelverarbeitung

Cable processing.

Our production processes include fully automated processing of various types of cables and electromechanical components.

Processing of single strands and solid wires

Semi-automatic and fully automatic processing of single strands and solid wires in a wide variety of designs regarding insulation materials, with a cross-section of 0.2 – 16 mm².

Processing of sheathed cables
Processing of multi-core sheathed cables in various designs with regard to sheath materials, including fully automatic inner conductor processing in the range of 0.05 – 16 mm².

Produktion: Verbindungstechnologie

Connection technology.

Crimp connections
All crimp connections are produced on fully automatic and semi-automatic machines with crimp force monitoring (CFA). The production equipment used ensures maximum productivity through high-speed processing and shortened changeover times.
Monitoring of the crimping processes is ensured by micrographs from our in-house micrograph laboratory and documented or logged in accordance with automotive industry standards.

Splice connections
For the connection of stranded conductors with component terminals, we use, among other things, the splice technique as a special form of crimping technology. In compliance with all quality criteria relevant to crimping technology, our semi-automatic splice machines can produce flexible connections quickly and easily.

Soldered connections
We produce soldered connections on stranded wires or solid wires using specially developed soldering modules on fully automatic cable processing machines.

Welded connections
For the connection of electronic and electromechanical components with conductors and cable grids, we also use micro resistance spot welding techniques and arc welding techniques, on equipment specially developed for our needs by a premium German manufacturer.

Produktion: Montage


Sophisticated concepts with security queries result in high security with high flexibility and scalability. All three GST locations work according to identical standards.

The processing steps in cable assembly vary depending on the final product. Basically, the following assembly steps can be summarized.

  • Cutting to length and trimming
  • Contact assembly
  • Assembly of components
  • Housing assembly
  • Visual inspections
Produktion: Testing


Quality is no coincidence. Our ABS sensors are 100% tested on a dynamic test bench, which takes the vehicle installation situation into account. Fit & Function is therefore 100% guaranteed.
Zero defects has been our status quo for years.