Brake wear indicators

Brake pad sensors

Brake pad sensors for guaranteed safety.

GST has been developing brake pad sensors in the high-quality segment for decades. Currently, more than 400 different warning contacts are actively manufactured for aftermarket, aftersales OES and original equipment small and medium series for almost all types of mobility.

The portfolio is expanded annually with a variety of new sensors.
The own toolmaking, the in-house production depth and development processes according to IATF 16949:2016 guarantee competence and speed.
Time to market is more than a promise for us.

Competence and speed for your safety.



For small and medium sized series

We are the specialist. Flexible and scalable production processes guarantee unparalleled availability.

Time to

Agile development processes guarantee our customers the desired project times.

OE quality or better

For automotive aftermarket or original equipment, guaranteed!

Everyone calls them differently – but they all mean the same thing.

Brake pad sensors are also called warning contacts, brake wear indicators or brake wear sensors.

Brake pad sensors are installed in brake pads in different ways. They are either glued in or plugged in. In the aftersales market, only plug-in sensors are used. Brake pad sensors are subject to the same wear as the brake pad in which they are installed. When the brake lining has worn down to the wear limit, this is indicated to the driver by a visual signal.

New types of brake pad sensors have a multi-stage measuring system that can be used to provide the driver with more precise information about the remaining mileage of the brake pads.


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